| how to order

Visit me in my atelier or contact via skype.

In both cases the procedure followed is exactly the same and the result you get will be of excellent quality and implementation.

1|personal contact

The most important is to know each other.
A small private conversation will help me understand better your character, your style and what you want. So we will find together the design and the cut that suits you best.

2|the right fabric

Depending on your colors and personal characteristics (skin, hair, eyes, etc.) I will present you my recommendations in colors and fabrics of high quality materials both externally and internally (linings, pockets, buttons, etc.).

3|measurement & accessories

According to your body type and after we take your measurements, we will choose the appropriate suit. Its line is the one that will highlight your personality, so every measurement is made with great care both initially and after the first reherseal.

Then we choose the perfect accessories: Scarves, handkerchiefs, ties and cufflinks, are also made by hand and selected one by one.

In the end we choose the shoes, the most important part of a complete outfit.

4|to the tailor

After having the fabric cut,the construction of the suit starts.Then we arrange a  reherseal,where we do the last measurements and see all the details (height, length of the jacket and the sleeve and generally how it falls on the body to have harmony), the suit goes to its final sewing.